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Fun in the Water with Scalloping

Many people flock to the Crystal River for the abundant scallop population. Available for harvest from July 1 through September 24, scalloping is a popular and rewarding hobby for many people. Not only can it be fun to get into the water for the day, but scallops are an excellent meal to enjoy following a day of hard work and fishing on the water. When planning your next scalloping adventure, be sure to turn to the professionals at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours. Our team has the best equipment, and knowledge necessary for a successful and rewarding scalloping adventure. Scallops are great fun to catch, and even better to eat. Choose your preferred method for scalloping with your next outdoor experience provided by Pirate Flag Charters and Tours.

Scallops can be caught one of two ways. The first way is through scallop diving. Scallops can be found in leafy areas along the shoreline. Scallop diving involves getting into the water to search for and swim after scallops to catch. While a scallop will certainly try to swim away from you while scallop diving, luckily they are not very fast and most people can successfully catch this creature by hand. The second option to catch scallops is by fishing with a net. The net is dragged past an area with a known scallop population. The net is then brought to the surface where the scallops that can be kept are sorted from other items caught in the net, and later released back into the water.

Scallops are a wonderful creature that lives within the Crystal River. This is a delicious and fun delicacy which cannot be found everywhere. Living and operating in the Crystal River through five different generations, the team at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours is knowledgeable and experienced at fishing for scallops. We understand exactly where to look to find this delicate creature. We provide you with the needed equipment to fish for scallops, so you don't have to worry about anything. To book your next scallop adventure, reach out to the team at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours. Because the scallop season is so short, this popular fishing adventure reserves very quickly. Be sure to call and reserve your preferred date and time slot today.

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