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Fishing Charters

Plan a Fun Day Out Doors with Fishing Charters

More and more our busy lives force us to stray away from the activities we love. Our jobs, careers, and busy schedules keep us away from our hobbies and passions. For many, fishing is a great way to spend time out on the water with friends and family. Not only do fishing charters give you a sense of accomplishment and hard work, but fishing charters are the perfect way to enjoy Mother Nature and catch up with some much needed time with friends. At Pirate Flag Charters and Tours we understand that sometimes you simply need time to unwind, reconnect, and relax for a moment. Fishing charters are the perfect way to go back to the basics and enjoy some quality down time.

At Pirate Flag Charters and Tours we have several different options for charter fishing. As a 5th generation fishing family, we are passionate about the fish and wildlife found along the Crystal River in Florida. Whether you want to hire a charter fishing tour for snook, tarpon, or the prized and delicate scallop our team is ready for you. We offer our spacious and versatile 22 foot boat to take you out into nature. For a quick time with friends, schedule a half day, four hour tour. For the die hard fishing fanatic, schedule a full eight hours on the water. We have versatile options to fit your needs and your schedule. We love fishing as much as you do and are happy to not only spend a day together fishing, but also spend a day creating memories and new friendships.

We understand that Florida is home to several different fishing and charter companies, so searching for "fishing charters near me" in the Crystal River area can be overwhelming. There are so many different companies and options to choose from, how do you know you are selecting the best? Trust the team at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours. Not only are we passionate about fishing these waters, but we have a lifelong wealth of experience and knowledge about these waterways. We know exactly where to go to find the best fish on each individual day. For "fishing charters near me" people regularly turn to the expertise and knowledge provided by the team at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours. We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction and are passionate about Crystal River.

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