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Scallop Fishing

Experience Scallop Fishing

Known for their delicate nature and juicy taste, scallops are a prized menu item for several restaurants. Scallops are certainly a decadent and luxurious item that many people love. The waters of the Crystal River in Florida are lucky enough to have this delicacy available to fishermen and fisherwomen for a short time during the summer. The team at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours is proud to offer scallop fishing. This delicate and delicious commodity can be harvested in Florida from July 1 through September 24. Due to the short window for scallop fishing, this is a popular and rewarding expedition that many people choose to go on.

Part of being successful with scallop fishing is finding the right location, with the right equipment. At Pirate Flag Charters and Tours we are happy to offer just the right scallop boat for the job. Our boat is a 22 foot long vessel that is capable in both the choppy deep seas, but also the shallow shore line area. Our scallop boat is able to navigate and turn in just ten inches of water. This means that we will be able to seek out and catch plenty of scallops for your liking on our next scallop fishing adventure. Suitable for up to four additional people, we have plenty of room for you to invite your closest friends and family members on your next scallop fishing adventure.

Because the Crystal River is home to scallops, there are plenty of scallop and fishing tour operations in the area. How do you know which to select? When trying to find the right "charter boats near me" for your next outing, be sure to think about a few key factors. Does the charter company have a good reputation in the area? If possible, try to locate and read testimonials about past scallop outings. Does the charter company have a knowledgeable and experienced crew? Does the charter company have a capable and updated boat and equipment? Lastly, do you get along with the charter company boat captain? Remember, you will be spending up to eight hours with the captain so you should be with someone you know and trust. When searching for "charter boats near me" be sure to turn to the experts at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours to help with your next fishing and scallop adventure in Crystal River Florida.

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