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Scallop Charters

All Inclusive Scallop Charters

Taking a scallop trip into the Crystal River to find the delicate and delicious scallop can be fun, rewarding, and exciting. The scallop season in Florida is relatively short, only offered from July 1 through September 24 in the area. For this reason, scallop fishing is incredibly popular and booking a scallop trip can be difficult if time slots and charters start to fill up. Trust the experts at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours for your next scallop trip. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, and knows where the best locations are along the Crystal River to find the juiciest, most populous scallops in the area.

Going on scallops charters is a fun time with friends and family members. However, because scallops charters are often a very selective and delicate fishing hobby, few people have the right equipment needed for successful scallops charters. The team at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours has you covered. Our fishing expedition is happy to offer all of the equipment necessary to have a successful day of scallop fishing. You simply need to come to your tour, at your selected time, and prepare yourself for an exciting and rewarding day. All of our equipment we offer is up to date, and top of the line, guaranteeing you have a successful and fun day out on the water during your tour.

Scallop charters are a great way to take advantage of the natural wildlife abundance the Crystal River has to offer. Based out of Florida, Pirate Flag Charters and Tours is an expert and experienced tour corporator. As a fifth generation fishing family, Pirate Flab Charters and Tours is happy to help with both fishing charters and scallop charters. Spend a day out on the water enjoying all that nature has to offer. With our scallop charters, you are guaranteed to find the best scallops in the area, perfect for a delicious and decadent feast later in the night. Our scallop charters reserve fast, so be sure to call today to book your selected time and duration for your next tour.

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