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Hey Guys! Capt. Dallas here, at Pirate Flag Charters and Tours we strive to provide you, your family or group, the absolute best time possible. We not only want you as a customer, but as a life long friend. We pursue inshore and nearshore species of fish. Redfish, trout, snook, grouper, sheepshead, tarpon and scallops are all bounty of the Crystal River. I'm 5th generation professional angler and wish to keep the family legacy alive. 

We have a 22ft center console bay boat that allows us to run further out on choppy days while keeping you dry and comfortable for the ride. Powered by a 200 hp Yamaha outboard you can count on a fast and reliable trip there and back. Our vessel is also equipped with a tunnel hull that allows us to run in less than 10 inches of water on those super low tide days. 

We are fully USCG licensed and insured, with over 5 years of professional fishing experience. 

When you book with us you get a private boat and all you need to bring is whatever you want to eat and drink for the day! We will have everything else you need!

We provide your license and all tackle and bait. 

I cant wait to meet you and get you out on the water! Contact us today and start making life long memories, and life long friends!

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